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Eric Eckhart – ‘War is Coming’

Eric Eckhart – ‘War Is Coming’

“I’ve had a deep feeling for the last year or so that we are living on the cusp of unprecedented upheaval. So many parts of our world seem to be converging. Climate change, wars, massive financial instability and inequality, failure of politics, mass migrations for many different reasons and from so many different places. And all of it amplified, distorted and manipulated through the social media/web filter. Revolutions are beginning right before our eyes,

Sadly, I believe things will get terribly bad before they get better. It seems to be the nature of things. I hope I am wrong. But I do believe whatever happens, eventually things will get better and hopefully far better than things are today.

This was the state of mind I was in when I wrote this song while riding my bike to the recording studio where I have been recording my new album. I pulled my bike over, got out my iPhone and sang the melody and the words playing on an incessant loop in my head – “war, war is coming soon”. Once in the studio the full song came together very quickly lyrically and magically the music channeled itself out of the universe and into my lap in one fell swoop.

For The Altbau Sessions, it is fitting then that I am performing “War is coming” live in that same studio and with a full band who have never played together before and had only briefly heard my demo of the song. What we created in that room is an emotional one time only version of this song with each person putting their unique stamp on a message of stark warning and aching hope.

Big thanks to Keller Studios Berlin and musicians Ken Burke, Tom Fanore, Friederike Abitz, Arne Bergner and to Julian Baasch for his help and support on the night and Richie Heffernan who filmed the video. ”