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Image by Johnmark Smith

Maybe We Should Open the Blinds

burnt coffee grinds
lukewarm mugs
steam rising like
the phantom 
of words 

you sprinkle nutmeg
in my latte- how 
have I never told you
I hate the aroma 
and the way spices
float to the top 
and choke me
as I drink? 

I serve your toast
too burnt: you scrape 
the surface but never 
get it to its original 

maybe we should 
open the blinds
I suggest

you lay your hand
on mine 

and that is how
I know you

Erin Jamieson (she/her) holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University. Her writing has been published in over eighty literary magazines, including two Pushcart Prize nominations. Her poetry chapbook, Fairytales, was published by Bottlecap Press and her most recent chapbook, Remnants, came out in 2024. Her debut novel (Sky of Ashes, Land of Dreams) came out November 2023. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Very beautiful poem


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