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At last the long-awaited debut album by Berlin-based duo, and former Altbau Sessions artists, Tau is out.

TAU TAU TAU is a wild archaic scream from the heart, woven from a seamless thread of prayers, chants, psychedelic invocations, and as Nunutzi says “songs of praise” in English, Spanish and Gaelic, shaken through pre-hispanic drums, bells, shakers, synths and acoustic guitar played “through an amp with a very shitty pick up that gives a weird sound.”

Featuring collaborations with Knox Chandler of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Earl Harvin of Tindersticks,  Nina Hynes, and Miss Kenichi, TAU TAU TAU includes numerous additional vocalists and musicians, all of whom make their own unique contribution to the celebratory psychedelic folk of Tau.

While tracks like Mother and Midnight Jaguar summon up the spiritual music of  North and Central America, The Bridge of Khajou has its heart in the Sufi mystic poetry of Iran. Mo Anam Cara (Gaelic for soul mate) is haunted by the ghost of Love’s Arthur Lee. Venadito and Kauyumari is an ode to the Great Deer spirit . Espiral (Spanish for spiral) is Tau’s riotous interpretation of chant sang in Temazcal Sweatlodges . Tau’s journey through the psyche comes to rest with Tara – the sacred dwelling place of Ireland – a long, luminous jam that signals a momentous, if fleeting, feeling of completion.

TAU (meaning ‘Father Sun’) is the shifting and fluid collaborative project with the Dublin-born Berlin resident Nunutzi with partner-in-sound, Venezuelan-born Gerald Pasqualin. “Vibrations, notes, semi tones, chants, lyrics, whatever it is,” says Nunutzi, “music has the power to heal and transcend all the clutter and if you can create that magic for yourself you can give it back to other people”.

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