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Forever Hungry

I eat love then I suffocate,
but my eyes shimmer with hunger.

Sorrow birds serenade me
while I dream of an Arthur
who never made it to the tower
laureled with my sublime ideals,
he can only gaze at my still chest
and lament on my dead picture.

I am a Mariana
caged in a palace of art,
a yearning flickers in my mouth,
while I caress an effigy of Angelo
who never rescued me from the moated grange.

I slice memories
and swallow lament,
I am an Oenone
my Paris counts another woman’s hairs,
I compose a dirge
while he takes bullets for her.

I am forever hungry
A cloud thick mesh stifles my oesophagus.

Anindita Sarkar is from India. She is a student of Literature. Her works have appeared in Indolent Books, Door is ajar, Flora fiction, Writing in a woman’s voice, Litehouse Journal among others. 


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