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A selection of music on the theme of the month to be voted on by you!

Our HEAD ABOVE WATER columnist Tim Clark has chosen his top five songs on the theme of A NEW DAWN. Vote for your favourite in the comments section below and we will post the video on our Facebook page.

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Dawn is a Feeling, by The Moody Blues

This was so obvious I almost didn’t use it. But, I love this song, this whole album.

Breakfast in America, by Supertramp

I’ve never really been too sure what this song is all about, modern art is so inaccessible.

Come the Day, by Holly Golightly

This song says it all, with an attitude. If I had to pick one song that explains life today this would be it.



The Last Thing I Needed The First Thing This Morning, by Willie Nelson

The truest declaration of love I have ever heard.

I’m Your Dirty Mexican, by the Krayolas

I added this one, because I like it, a lot, and I think people need to wake the hell up!  (Excuse my outburst.)



Tim Clark lives in Columbus, OH. He is an employee, a husband, a  father and a blogger. You can see his blog here, Life Explained. He writes occasionally and with pride for Street Speech, a local homeless advocacy newspaper. He is contributor for The Ugly Writers and the Good Men Project. He is particularly vain about his monthly column on The Wild Word. He is working on a novel.


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  1. Jeri

    Goodbye Stranger,

  2. Trina Emmerson

    Moody Blues would be my pick this time.
    I’m interested, how do you choose the line up?.It must be so much fun!.

  3. Irena

    I’m your diry Mexican.


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