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Image by Thomas Lefebvre

Remote Learning

When they email apologies
Promises to do better
When they tell me I’m the one
They’ll remember
The one who genuinely cared,
I think I’ve failed them
Not in grades but in endless
Second chances to make a first
How will they understand
Employers don’t care about trains
Or housing shelters
There are consequences for missing
The starting clock.
Faulty technology
Shared devices
Feuding families
IEPs hold no agency in
Admission offices
Or on the trading floor.
When they email their pleas not to fail them
How do I tell them
I’ve already failed them
With only the best of intentions.

The most dangerous woman is an unapologetic funny woman.  This is Evelyn F. Katz—a writer whose voice is both humorous and haunting.  Her work has appeared in Indolent Books What Rough Beasts, The Voices’ Project, Coffee Shop Poems, Tell Us A Story Blog, Leisure…Dinner with the Muse Vol. III, Nomad’s Choir, First Literary Review East, Prospectus: A Literary Offering, New York Writers Coalition The Journal, BEAT Gen Anthology, Wine Cellar Press and look for her forthcoming micro fiction piece ‘Recess’ in the Spring 22 issue of Dribble Drabble.


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    Loved it

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    Well done!!


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