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In My Grandmother’s Womb

I crouch in the ancient dark space of my Grandmothers Womb

Waiting for a spark to ignite me once again

Into this cycle of pain

Perhaps this turn of the wheel will bring me more fortune

Will I have legs to crawl from the mud

Will I have eyes to look up at the stars

Will I venture into the abyss of my own dark caverns

Will my mother hold me to her breast and let me drink her golden milk

Will my father stand by her side and walk with her hand in hand through the thorny bed of roses

Will my belly be full

Will I go to school

Will my tender heart survive the taunting

Will men be kind

Will my child survive

Will I remember

Will I remember to dance

Will I remember the dark waters in the centre of my being wherin lies my power

My power to heal

My medicine

My power to transform

My power to love

I crouch in the dark space of my Grandmothers womb, I wait, I hope…

Dee Mulrooney has been teaching art, craft and design for more than 20 years. Since moving to Berlin in 2015 she has re-discovered her own creative impulse through storywriting and telling. A Pandora’s box of sorts opened up and she hasn’t stopped creating ever since. She writes stories, paints, performs and makes films. Her work is informed by her deep love of her own ancestry, her femaleness, and a desire to engage with what’s hidden in the shadows. Since her hugely successful premiere show in last years 48hrs Neukölln, she has been performing and collaborating and exhibited in the highly acclaimed Vulvae show.


Photo by Nina Harwick

A Murder Of Craws

We are Richie Heffernan, Nina Hynes, Candice Gordon, Shaun Mulrooney, and Dee Mulrooney. We have begun a journey together which started with many sing-songs around a kitchen table and a few bags of crisps. This journey has become a dream manifested, in the form of a festival, CRAW.

CRAW will be an immersive experience, the festival goers will be taken on an eclectic journey throughout the weekend. From spoken word to wakes, film, dance, art and drama, Craw promises to engage, entertain and connect.

When somethings gets stuck in your Craw, your throat as it were, it causes an abiding resentment or rankle. Through many years of discussion, sharing and friendship, we found a common thread with which to weave a group tapestry. We have a shared country of origin, Ireland and we have found ourselves somehow in exile. At times we have avoided conversations that address this CRAW for fear of singing the same ole tune of bitterness and resentment but through laughter, play, song, jokes and supporting each other, we’ve given voice to what has gotten stuck there. We’ve had conversations with the hurt, the reasons why we left. CRAW means something different to us all, it is as individual as our own subconscious but we found a common bond through our creative expression. We’ve started to clean our own backyard together, sweeping out the corners, sorting, sifting, letting go of what no longer serves us. It has been a deeply empowering experience for us a group.

Dealing with group dynamics is always challenging, we press each other’s buttons, we take on roles, we act from subconscious hurts. However, we made a pact at the beginning that we would prioritise our human relationships throughout the entire process of birthing this festival, reminding ourselves at the beginning of every meeting, why we are doing this. This has served us well and despite the fact that we are all doing this for free, we all have other jobs and lives, children and partners, we keep going.

We have planted a seed in the muck that was made from everything rotten and this seed has taken root, we are beginning to see its potential, its fragile shoots reaching for the sunlight, a dream becoming. It is exciting, nerve racking, edgy, authentic and fundamentally human.

Berlin, 22 May 2018


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