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‘Nina goes to Berlin’ came about from a Facebook sharing of a viral video when a child actually did exactly what happens in the video.

Leaving home is kind of like deciding to be sucked in to a machine of toys without knowing how we will, or if we can, ever come out.
Everything is an adventure and tastes new but it is unknown and kind of scary at the same time.

I moved to Berlin in March 2007 with my partner Fabien Leseure.
We had only been together 6 months so both of us leaving our own countries and homes was our symbolic way of deciding to be in the world together and somehow to try and reinvent a new life from scratch.
Sometimes, when we set intentions, take the action and just go for what we want, it actually becomes a reality.
Nina gets the bunny after all.

We are still here in 2016, and now with two more humans, Caia and Xavier, creating our days anew.

Home is wherever we will go.
Home is a feeling of belonging.
Home is accepting where we are at and allowing ourselves to just be.
I plan to be home forever.

The piece of music is called ‘When God held my hand’ .
It is an extract from the soundtrack I am working on for a beautiful film called ‘Glue’.