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As part of my artist residency with The Wild Word magazine, I am releasing this live recording of my song ‘Candystripes’, taken from my Home Recording Series 2016.


by Nina Hynes

Oh my darling,
Want to show you beauty
Candy stripes and carnivals,
unicorns and magic spells.

Oh my darling,
I hope my subconscious has not programmed you to self sabotage
and opportunities won’t pass you by.
I can’t help it if the sun doesn’t come,
we make our own luck

Oh my darling don’t suffer fools.
Do what you need to do in this life but try to be kind.

Oh my darling, if you encounter monsters
say “Away with you, you’ve no power here”.
Put on the parachute before you jump.

When I was a child they said nothing is free.
Smile and see they were wrong

OOOh we make our own luck
OOOh we make our own luck
Oh Oh Oh we make our own luck