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A selection of music on the theme of the month to be voted on by you!

Our HEAD ABOVE WATER columnist Tim Clark has chosen his top five songs on the theme of HUNGER.

Vote for your favourite in the comments section below and Tim will create one his special and much coveted ‘The Winner is…’ videos to announce the winner, which we will then post on our Facebook page.

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A word of warning; I am reaching into the archives to bring you some radical, revolution with guitar, hey drummer man, beat me 8 to the bar.  “Turn on, tune in and drop out.”

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Motor City is Burning, by MC5

A new song to my collection

Eve of Destruction, by Barry McGuire

No list of protest songs is complete without this one.

Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane

It comes around again.

Tim Clark lives in Columbus, OH. He is an employee, a husband, a  father and a blogger. You can see his blog here, Life Explained. He writes occasionally and with pride for Street Speech, a local homeless advocacy newspaper. He is contributor for The Ugly Writers and the Good Men Project. He is particularly vain about his monthly column on The Wild Word. He is working on a novel.


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  1. Trina Emmerson

    Ok, I’ll start the voting off with ‘Jefferson Airplane’


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