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Image by Diana Parkhouse

Sometimes Winter

Sometimes winter has just started
And I am already impatient for spring,

Sometimes when I am on my way to the bus stop
I want to reverse directions and go home

But I slog through the snow,
Holding myself close through bitter wind.

Sometimes I sit at a café and drift
Off to memories of canyon silence. I shake

A little of the dust of the desert which still clings
To my skin, no matter that I have been

These fifteen years in the north.
I find solace and company next to the fire

And even the potholes and bridges have
learned to sing.

Wendy Brown-Báez is the author of Heart on the Page: A Portable Writing Workshop, a novel Catch a Dream and the poetry collection Ceremonies of the Spirit. Her poetry and prose appear in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Water~Stone Review, Poets & Writers, Tiferet, Comstock Review, Mizna, Mom Egg Review, and Talking Writing. Wendy facilitates creative writing in community spaces such as schools, libraries, churches, prisons, and healing centers. wendybrownbaez.com


    • Anonymous

      Thank you! It took me years to see the beauty of winter, with a little help from poetry.

  1. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for reading and responding.

  2. Lena Bartula

    Fantastic, Wendy, I can feel the cold in your words. But also the sand on your skin. Well done!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Lena. The southwest will always be in my blood but I am glad I can see beauty in winter, too!

  3. Anonymous

    Wonderfully written.


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