Michal Mahgerefteh

★ ★ ★ ★



Father, with delight, feasts on pita dipped in spicy

garlic spread, ignoring delayed allergic reactions

that often sends him to the emergency room…

I leave him behind feeling jilted, stepping outside

to allow my anger to dissolve in the shimmering air…

Sitting on a bench by the shore of the Mediterranean.

In the pages of his copy of the Book of Psalms filled
with handwritten notes; for years he befriended David,
the king that hated his enemies with unimaginable passion.

I return, struggling to surface from the strange haze

that enveloped me, “You’re back,” his voice steers

anxiety through me… searching for my heartbeat.

Michal Mahgerefteh is a poet and artist from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986. She is the author of five poetry collections and the managing editor of Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award and Mizmor Poetry Anthology. Michal is currently working on her fifth collection, FishMoon, centered on depression in aging adults. Visit her art and poetry: www.Mitak-Art.com


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