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Crossing Raton Pass

It’s like worrying for miles
before you even get there.
More than noticing the snow,
you hesitate on the icy road,
gasp at the pickups and semis
that lie like upended turtles
in the ditch, think surely
if those heavy hunks of metal
can’t hold their ground,
there’s no hope for me.

But then you’re there.
Your eyes tell you
you’ve exaggerated the danger,
expected higher peaks,
even slippery switchbacks,
and here you are driving cavalierly
through the mild mountains
where the melting snow rests in sunshine.

JS Fuller is a poet who lives and writes in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, and on a lake in Wisconsin. She has degrees in English and Communication Disorders; spent her career as a speech pathologist. Her poems have been published in Caesurea, Gyroscope Review, Amsterdam Quarterly, From the Depths, and Mojave River Review among others.


  1. Jennine

    As always your poems Are great.

  2. Sandi karnowski

    Jan you’ve done it again!

  3. eric paul shaffer

    Well done, JS. Excellent opening lines, and great ending. Thank you.


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