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Lon Po Po

Children so sweet, behind the door
Children so savory, within the walls
Children so fresh, on a stormy eve
Children so filling, on an empty night
Children so generous, my stomach’s rumbling—

Children so wolflike as they send me tumbling

Ellen Huang (she/her) is an ace lover of fairy tales and things strange & unusual. She is the retired Managing Editor and a continued Peer Reviewer for Whale Road Review, and published in 60+ journals including Sword & Kettle Press, peculiars, Tealight Press, Moonchild Magazine, From the Farther Trees, Serendipity, Grimoire, White Stag, and more. She lives in San Diego with her pan roommate, occasionally improvising theatre scenes at home. For fun, she also runs a blog about movies and spirituality: worrydollsandfloatinglights.wordpress.com.


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