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All Other Forgotten Tuesdays

Today is like all other forgotten Tuesdays
but it is Wednesday.

I begin to tell my husband,
what he already knows
is the foundation
for my bones:

the way I feel about my mother.

He hushes me, a gentle finger
against my lips. He tries to soothe
and calm. He warns me
the words will linger
if they tumble from my tongue.

He fears they will
make a home inside our home
they will burrow into our walls
they will nudge their way
inside cracks above our bed
they’ll live amongst the dusty corners
once I spit them from my lips.

I say them anyway
and hear his heartbeat
as I choke on them.

Katie Ellen Bowers was raised in Charleston, SC, but is now sowing seeds with her husband and daughter in the small, rural town of Heath Springs, SC.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love it sweet girl


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