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Forgive me


for I have sinned
and I confess

I have no heart for home.
I am more like the Tinman
than Dorothy

and yet, more like the Lion
than the Tinman –

I have no courage to admit that

had they raised me Catholic
I might have turned out virtuous

and, if not, at least the blame could be
nailed on something other than themselves.

I know nothing of confession or forgiveness

and you could hold me and rock me
until my sins leaked
out of my fingers and toes,

instead I’m hoping you
pour me through a
filter – turn cheap
wine into water – so
I come out drinkable,

so I become essential
and fulfilling
and pure.

Katie Ellen Bowers was raised in Charleston, SC, but is now sowing seeds with her husband and daughter in the small, rural town of Heath Springs, SC.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love it sweet girl


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