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Image by Ashling McKeever

We’ve Got a Runner

She night slips from the convent, loose
into darkness, blind but knowing beyond

the cloister of pines, Father Free
waits. The getaway Rambler idles

with his dead grandmother’s
accordion in the backseat, folded up

into moon slivers of a black and white affair.
The belfry betrays her when they hit

the road to ruin. Her Sisters breathe hot
rings of lust on their cold and frosted

windows where they watch, consider
a jump from the third story but instead,

burst open with midnight envy.

David-Matthew Barnes is the award-winning author of several novels and collections of stage plays, monologues, scenes, and poetry. His poetry has been featured in The Comstock Review, The Literary NestThe Magnolia Review, Memoryhouse, Sonic Boom, The Southeast Review, and more. He was selected by Kent State University as the national winner of the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Award. He has been an arts educator for more than a decade. For more information, visit davidmatthewbarnes.com.