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Dance A Christmas Morning

…the dancing bear that follow him around
he lifts his big foot up he puts his big foot down
and bows and twirls and dances ‘round and ‘round…
                           —the Mamas and the Papas


If at evening cold
you see the fires
it be our gypsies
come on river ice

with starlight and moon
in the bitter hours of Christmas eve
they tie soft boughs
of fresh sweet pine
for our manger
we share a pot of tea  
a slice of cake  
I take a cookie 
to the old dancing bear—
he can no longer


As dark river stars 
dim gilt and silvered sky
their wagons gone in
ruts of sooty snow
before I wake—   

dance we now Merry Christmas! 
to the morning  
the Christ baby
and the old bear—
who can no longer

Cathy Miller writes from the plains of Oklahoma. Her most recent poetry and short stories have been published in New Chimera Anthology, Pegasus, Chaparral Poetry ForumBull Buffalo and Indian Paintbrush Anthology, Blood and Thunder and Oklahoma Today magazine.  Originally from the Carolinas, her writing often reflects her love of the Lowcountry and its character.  Her first book, Marsh Tides was published in 2020. 


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