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By Gilbert Stucky

I have always loved all visual arts – I had my career in architecture but also had a deep appreciation for design, dance and photography. In my spare time growing up in Switzerland I would take photos and process them in a dark room, then it was analogue photography.  It was all self-taught. I exhibited my photos in a few galleries and a project I did in black and white on a beautiful region in Ireland called the Burren was picked by the Nikon gallery in Zurich for an exhibition with another photographer.

After an extended trip to Ireland with my partner, we decided that we would try and make a life for ourselves in this country we loved so much. So we did and we opened a restaurant in Ireland. It was a great adventure, but photography had to take a back seat.

Now, few/many years later, I have been taking some black-and-white photos again, digital this time and only with my smart phone as an experiment in simplicity. I am not carrying several cameras with lots of different lenses as I did in my 20s. I am using my smart phone as if it was a sketch book, ‘’drawing’’ while on walks in my neighbourhood in south county Dublin.

These photos were taken before and during the pandemic. With people still confined in their homes now around the world, I’m glad to share these moments of ‘meandering’.

Born and bred in Switzerland, Gilbert Stucky lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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  1. Anonymous

    I lives same area but I realized again from Gilbert photos it’s so beautiful and peaceful. Hope we can pass this scenery to next generation.


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