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A selection of music on the theme of the month to be voted on by you!

Our HEAD ABOVE WATER columnist Tim Clark has chosen his top five songs on the theme of HUNGER.

Vote for your favourite in the comments section below and Tim will create one his special and much coveted ‘The Winner is…’ videos to announce the winner, which we will then post on our Facebook page.

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Hungry For You, by The Police

I won’t humiliate myself by trying to add the French translation.

Jump Jump by Garland Jeffries

This song fits because my original attempt at Hunger revolved around Les Miserables, the drastically abridged version that I never got close to finishing, and how Cosette seemed worse than the actual facts from history class. If you think this column is bad you should have seen that one.

Just Like Me by Paul Revere and the Raiders

I was going to use Hungry, another song by the same band, but I like this one a lot more.


Empty Lives by Graham Parker

If you think of the lack of substance, the wracking, painful need for fulfillment as hunger nobody ever sang it better than Graham Parker. And this song was the anthem for the search for something, anything more.

Wipeout by The Surfaris

This may not be a natural fit, but it came on when I was finishing the piece. From now on whenever I am hungry I will have that drumbeat and garage sounding guitar playing as an accompaniment. 


Tim Clark lives in Columbus, OH. He is an employee, a husband, a  father and a blogger. You can see his blog here, Life Explained. He writes occasionally and with pride for Street Speech, a local homeless advocacy newspaper. He is contributor for The Ugly Writers and the Good Men Project. He is particularly vain about his monthly column on The Wild Word. He is working on a novel.


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  1. Jeri

    Wipe Out, a classic

  2. Trina Emmerson

    Easy one for me this time, coming from a New Zealander living with water right around me, ‘Wipe Out’ is my pick. ✌

  3. Lauretta

    Wipe Out!



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