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27 Names for My Heart

This love machine jammed by a bent copper coin
last hurdle on a sports day
golden apple, dying iphone light
lightning on the cheek
stammer in my speech.

This last trick learnt by an old dog
memory of my first and unsuccessful attempts to skip
this repeated mistake
this lesson learned by rote.

This radiator air lock
final exposure on a negative strip
the flailing end of a film reel
core plug, lub-dub
catwalk encore
this marble trapped in the neck of a glass bottle
two swans bent necks
blood flecks on a white handkerchief.

This brother’s punch
single pomegranate ruby
the black eyebrows of Ted Hughes
this uneasy ceasefire
pull stroke of a rusty saw
this living room when the light comes on.

This love knot
this lump trapped in the throat
before the words, “I love you”.

Winston Plowes lives aboard his floating home in Calderdale UK which doubles as a home for lost and wayward words. He is a teacher of creative writing at primary schools and universities. His collection of surrealist-found poetry Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish (Electric Press) was published in 2016.


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