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Windows to My Heart

Can I pray your bones back together,
Help heal the wounds of time that are no fault of your own?
You sit, observe, the passage of time,
Your cleverly crafted walls witness
To the comings and goings of generations,
Your verdant open stretches
Unpoisoned by inevitable progress.
Your sweep of stair, the unmatched majesty steals one’s breath.
The panes of leaded glass glory in the mornings of new days,
One day closer to a centennial.
Bring the walls and ceilings to acquiescence, comfortable in their roles.
Let the halls ring with laughter and love,
As you so deserve.

Wendy Clements received her MA in English Literature with an emphasis on Gothic Fiction, and she is fascinated with old houses and their histories. She lives in the Pacific Northwest in the US with her partner and three cats, and she loves the rain, the green it brings, reading, and a really nice cup of tea.


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