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Image by Jeremy Bishop

The Gift

I choose to walk on a piece of paper
The ink, dark blue
leaves its footprints on snow

I imagine, instead of me
they can penetrate the endless white
dive into the bones of the earth
and leave blue fossils in the solid dark

They can also be a map
Many years later
someone may follow the routes—
the palm prints of this dry leaf—
to encounter a forest alive

I know how luxurious these wishes are
My little poems, they are just pebbles I throw
I’m not even sure
if golden ripples will echo, briefly
on the surface of your lake

Sha Huang grew up in China and received her PhD degree in the University of Iowa. Her poems were published in 16 literary journals and anthologies in China and the U.S, including Verse-Virtual, Trouvaille Review, Global Poemic, and Chinese and Western Poetry (中西诗歌). She currently teaches at a university in the U.S.

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