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Image by Sinitta Leunen


“My crime is that, the puppet of a dream,
I plotted to be worthy of the world.”
-George Meredith

With the vibrating threads of letters strung
together in ink and pixels, you fill
my hands before I can touch you. We still
spin vibrating words after hands have sung,
after I’m drunk from your mouth. Your ties be-
come corded knots, ruby on amethysts,
an inverted hug for my shoulders, wrists,
a vibrating web only you can see.

But you get closer. You bind me with your
self: a leg threaded through mine, fingers in
my hair, your voice casting me as your sin-
eater. Webbed thus, we create our own lore.
Woven souls will return to summoning
when magick threads stretch and threaten to snap.
Yoked is the word that I taste, that I tap
along your strings, waiting for you to sing.

Marjorie Jensen is a bisexual writer, dancer, yogini, and sword-witch currently living in California. She edited Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology, and her work has been featured in other publications, such as Wild Musette and Outcast Magazine. You can find her on Instagram @poetdancerwitch


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