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Lately I’ve been wondering

how birds of migration

know where they are headed

when home 
is ten thousand miles away.

Lately I’ve been wondering
what it’s like to have somewhere 

to go, when the sun sets 

and it becomes a little too
cold outside.

Because I can’t remember
the last time you held me.

Because I can’t remember
how to find my way home.

Willow Tree

There is more to me

than my (lack of) curves

and femininity. 

The colour 

adorning my lips is not 

meant to be a statement.

No, I do not want your attention.

Beauty is not declared

as though it has something 
to prove.

The willow tree in winter is still

the same tree in spring,
unconcealed and wonderfully


Serene Leong is a writer from Singapore. A graduate with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore, she is an adventurer with a gypsy heart and finds comfort in words. 


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