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Diagram For A Rain Machine

Because I cannot pose the problem anymore simply than I have been doing,

Think of it like this:

Most birds just drop out of the sky when it’s time

That wouldn’t be so bad

A mid-flight apparition

To the people standing around me in the subway, or maybe in the supermarket when it happens, I’ll be gone

The lights blinked and one less person stood waiting in the queue, just like that

It’s a blueprint for an occultation

And I bet the terrorist, also in the center of the crowd, feels the same way

Dynamite strapped heavy to his chest, cocooned briefly in the breath of others who don’t know what’s coming

I bet

I’ll feel it too

On a street some dark morning, fog coming in from the river, spring lights approaching 6am

Walking by a house just down the block from where I’m living now,

Where I’ve not lived for many years

A child’s orange plastic toy car in the yard catching rain on its knee-high rooftop

Because I cannot pose the problem any simpler

Because learning about how caterpillars turn into butterflies, through an obliteration, when we’re very young

This tells us, this told us

It’s an outside view, a godlike, or god light, perspective

How a raindrop counts the days in motion

Nate Maxson is a writer and performance artist. The author of several collections of poetry, he lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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  1. Merimee

    Yes, lovely. Worthy of a second read. Nate gets better and better . Thanks for posting.
    Vivid, I can feel his youthful angst in such classy lines and images.


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