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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Highway 16, After Buying Supplies

The world ice-blasted.
A white crust conceals road signs.
Each small town we pass
a moment of loneliness
that presses against my chest.

Grey horse in a field.
Two more shelter by a shed.
No standing still now—
swirl of snow and cold, we know
the distance we must travel.

When you speak I hear
a dialect of winter:
terminal moraine,
ridges of glacial debris,
sky a hushed shade of lament.

Just past the last town
lies an overturned snow-plough.
Silence between us.
For miles now we have known
there is no chance of rescue.

Highway 16, After Buying Supplies

by Leanne Boschman

Leanne Boschman’s poetry has been published in Canada in Geist Magazine, Prism, Other Voices, Dandelion Magazine, Room, Arc Poetry, Grain Magazine, and the Temz Review. As well, her poems have been published in several anthologies. Her collection Precipitous Signs: A Rain Journal was published by Leaf Press in 2009; in it, she explores colonial narratives of settlement and the lived experience of women in labour markets and domestic settings. She is the co-artistic director of the Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series and Collective.

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