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Object of Desire

this meant
that we were falling in love
with the wrong person,
desiring only the boys
who didn’t care.
we were twenty years old
and were broken
we said
we had
             to move
                    the object
                           we desired

today we live far from each other
We don’t speak about love any more
only jobs,
none of us have news.
we don’t want to be rich
and have stopped trying
to move

Karen Byk is a writer, cultural producer and historian. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 1993. After 24 years she moved her home to Berlín, from where she now develops projects related to poetry, feminism and communication. She published the Fanzines “Love messages in public restrooms” and “Distancia entre líneas”. She is on Instagram as @karenbyk.


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