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Image by Kelsey Johnson

Soft Geometry

someone’s gotta watch,
ill-qualified though I am,
these dusks and blue dawns

* * *

soft geometry
in fresh snow, clean for a while
a view of the heart

* * *

this dust on my floors
same as what buries cities
under more cities

Duru Gungor has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and is a professor of English at Fanshawe College in Canada. In addition to literary translations and published artwork, her recent short stories appeared in Spadina Literary Review, Leviathan (the U.S.) and Fudoki Magazine (the U.K.). Along with literary fiction, she also dabbles in aikido and ink wash painting, and she enjoys exploring their points of convergence. For her full author’s profile, please visit durugungor15.wixsite.com/durugungor


  1. Anonymous

    Heart soothing lines

  2. Anonymous

    Beautifully said.

  3. Anonymous

    lines devoted to the seven-hill city which cradles all the dearest ones, both alive and “”ceased to be.”


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