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Image by Dan Meyer

Teacher Teacher

The wasps are polishing their stripes
         flexing lace-dynamo wings
                   honing their stings.

         untangle stevedore legs
                   segmenting their skeleton dance;

they zig-zag their twig-twag advances
         on childhood tomorrows
                   immune to burgeoning errors

on tables and chairs.
         The insect legions
                   tippy-tap on window glass

         with shivers and clicks
                   green minds in September’s class

who dare prepare
         clean pages on chaos
                   waiting for their first red ticks.

Dave Medd was born in Hull in 1951. In 1965 he discovered folk music, Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas. He taught various subjects for forty years and has written songs, short stories, musical dramas for young teenagers, and drafts of two children’s novels. His poems have been published in Orbis, Dream Catcher and Obsessed With Pipework, and most recently in The Alchemy Spoon, Otherwise Engaged, Moon Tide Press and The Horizon Magazine. He now lives and writes in Rothbury, Northumberland where he also plays the Northumbrian pipes. He has published a number of songs, and tunes composed for the pipes. He has read at The Stanza in Newcastle and is a member of Cullerpoets, the National Poetry Society north-east stanza.


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