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Chronic Bliss

In your arms of chronic bliss,

two feminine muscular branches

bridging earth to sky, I sound

like Neruda begging Matilde

to never fall asleep, afraid

that if her lips stopped moving

so would the blood in his veins.

Finding us past the mid-way point

with two hearts beating fast,

this is more than a minor impression

pushing itself to the front of the line,

unconcerned with the bruises left

on the shins of previous thoughts.

That’s your hand on the back

of my head bending me into a posture

of prayer, cleansing me with baptismal salt

scooped from the shores of my dreams.

Scrub me raw. Do what you must.

Let purity be severe.

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island with the poet, Laura Coe Moore. His poems are forthcoming in Weber Review, Slipstream, Levee Magazine, Blue Nib Magazine, Cultural Weekly and, The Pangolin Review. His chapbook Boys is forthcoming from Duck Lake Books in December 2019. His first book, Waxing the Dents was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Book Prize and will be released in February 2020. His work has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net. Visit him at Danieledwardmoore.com.


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