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Image by Sasha Yudaev

Motorway Dream

The deadened, never-ending grey
of a cumulonimbus swirl
filled up the sky and ahead no glimpse
of expanding flame

and night came.

Pressed down,
I lifted eyes to blackness

peppered with vision: specks of white
demarcation, slip road
greens, red edges.

I followed

and saw you stood
by a broken snare
on a blue drenched back
lane, smiling as though
you were always there, as though
we had only ever been
cast in light.

Andrew Senior is a writer of short fiction and poetry based in Sheffield, UK. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Heartland Review, Abridged, the Crank, Litro Magazine and Flash Fiction Magazine. You can see more of his published work at


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