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Kim Addonizio Interludes

I want her voice to lead
on my pen marking dirty
ink strokes, between
white sheets—imagine

our naked refrains?
Dripping skillfully
skin laced line breaks,
gasping the kinkiest

quatrains. Our stanzas
so sweet, tongues tasting
hard and soft rhymes, her
assonance repeating our filthy

sound play— as we mouth
in sinful rhythms, our couplets
sweaty climaxing unison
reflecting our flame. Wanting

our verses to edge each other, elongating
interludes of our body in poetry
by recreating euphoric metaphorical
babies— epically renamed.

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is an LA Poet who is a recent graduate of MFA program at Antioch University in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and their cat Woody Gold. His poetry has been featured in The Yellow Chair Review, Thick With Conviction, Silver Birch Press, Frontier Poetry and one of his poems was named the winner of Subterranean Blue Poetry’s 2016 “The Children of Orpheus” Anthology/Contest. You can connect with Adrian on his website: