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These photographs are from the on-going series by New York photographer Daniel Albanese is called ‘Not My President: The Trump Resistance’. In these portraits Albanese captures the sheer beauty (and often joy) of solidarity and the sense of inclusion and openness, which these protests represent.

Daniel Albanese is the New York City-based photographer behind the website TheDustyRebel. Shaped by his background in anthropology, he has built a worldwide following documenting the more marginal aspects of the urban landscape, as well as controversial artworks, political protests, and city living.

In 2013, he gave a series of lectures on street photography at Wheaton College as part of their Techpaths Lecture Series and the Evelyn Danzig Haas Visiting Artists Program. He has also been a reoccurring guest speaker for the City College of New York’s “History of Graffiti and Street Art” class, and been interviewed for several street art documentaries.

Contact: thedustyrebel at gmail dot com/ Follow on Instagram and Facebook and Portfolio on Behance.