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Image by Michael Kucharski

Ring of Love

These animals live with us,
circling the kitchen table with knowing
and hopefulness.

The fairy ring in the backyard,
all it needs in the beginning, some
righteous spores.

Izzie bites off a mushroom cap,
cuts her teeth into cold flesh, spits
it out onto the ground.

Pitters the cat makes a figure 8
around my legs, under the table, claiming
me as territory.

We circle for warmth of love,
for not knowing if the warranty will
expire before we do.

John Dorroh may have taught high school science for a few decades. Whether he did is still being discussed. His poetry has appeared in 85-90 journals, including Feral, Os Pressan, North Dakota Quarterly, Blue Moon Literary & Art Review, and Dime Show Review. He also writes short fiction and the occasional rant.


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