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In those rare
amber preserved moments
I like to pretend…

It was the fault of the winds
Blowing so hard
They jumbled my words so that
You couldn’t hear me calling out –
Had you heard – you might have stayed…

Sometimes, I like to blame
The rain – it fell so that
You couldn’t see me across from you –
Through the horizontal shower…
Had you seen – you might have stayed…

Sometimes, I blame the sun.
The rays fell so that
Twilight tumbled in before afternoon.
You thought I was late.
Had you known – you might have stayed…

But only sometimes –
I forget that it was
On a clear day when I could see past the sun.

Hailing from the beautiful South Indian coastal state of Kerala, Feby Joseph is a spiritual vagabond who is still trying to figure it all out. At present all his formal education has landed him a job in a desert – in finance – so he works with numbers while words waltz around in his head. Some of his recent poems have appeared on Café Dissensun, Oratoria and EntropyMag.


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