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1200 generations

1200 generations a slave
40 days and 40 nights
fighting tides
is an island
sustaining life
with limitations
like stuck on occupied lands
the rigged games, the fraud
nuclear godheads and land grabs
patriarchy forcing
square pegs into round holes
pricks sticking poison
shots, bombs, vaccines
she sees way past
the glass ceiling
way past
the wall street walls
and histories of slavery
right on
dirty new york streets
she climbs and climbs
the corporate ladder
can lead right up
to the floors of world trade
controlled demolitions
buildings with secret codes and phallic designs
to fuck
explode for profit
she can be lost
in the stairwells
of concrete remote control
the rigged game again
bombs and drones drive her nuts
she keeps on though
carrying the tradition
mother ma life giver,
the planter,
the creator.
the real Creator SHE
cannot be destroyed
this goddess
mother earth
wiping it clean

that again

deep in thought
deep out there
we are meditating
on our demons
the evening class
there are a few drunks
and just plain nuts
but here we are
mixed together
big city nights
for a moment
of giving back
back to the communities
to the ones that saved us
we go back
we are all together again
in an instant
we all disappear
out like lights
on our own dreams
our own paths of glories
and hard day’s nights
of prison thoughts
religions and testaments
here we go again
back to the moment
back to the breath
to the here and now
hearing things and saying
ah, here i am,
i made it
back to the moment
of breath again
i finally relax
into that

Ava Bird is a pranic artist practicing presence and poetry from the places of heart and soul and beyond. Also, an author, a mixologist, a mythbreaker, a sharer, and a chef of many proportions. Her works are printed in historical anthologies, academic journals, spiritual publications, online, recorded for radio and exhibited in galleries. She has organized and produced various kinds of events including the great art movement ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’, a universal gathering of worldwide poets and artists promoting equality, peace, justice, sustainability for the planets, global love and positive changes for all & more. 100tpc.org May all beings be happy and free!