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The air drips over cascading roofs
As booms give swooning birth to froth of light,
Shuddering violently all night towards
A looser weight of steaming clouds.
We fling our necks back off the hopeless floor,
Surfacing from our vivid haze
In search of sparklers on the shore.


Four months spent off the strings and wood
Tried to shed the flesh that this happened to
And the movements I used
To bring blood where it needed to sting.
My ring finger comes away burning
From a fumbling twirl in November.
Back and forth, going tender
Embedding new skin in each note.

Noll Griffin is a folk musician and writer living in Berlin, Germany. He has released three albums and is currently working on a collection of his own poetry to be self-released in the near future as well as a science fiction novel. When he’s not writing or playing guitar, he enjoys reading tarot and chasing his favorite bands’ shows around Europe.


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