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Image by Chen Liu

‘A Drop from the Ocean’

A meteorite splashes into a magenta sea, sending droplets high into the sky. One, in which a delicate insectoid is trapped, is hurled clear of the thin atmosphere. It immediately freezes and drifts through space. After silent millennia, it is drawn towards another sun, and as its glassy surface warms and softens, it gathers dust. The insectoid stirs, and thousands of fingers weave among the debris… Aeons pass; dust accumulates; the insectoid grows… until the droplet becomes a planet. In its magenta ocean, millions of tiny fingertips separate and become delicate insectoids, swimming. Occasionally, a meteorite splashes into the sea.

In his writing, mr oCean likes most to explore the almost-real—to glimpse hidden worlds and overhear stray echoes. Recurring themes are twilight and fog, elaborate and mysterious machinery, childlike wonder and nostalgia in its literal sense. mr oCean has been a regular performer at SpeedPoets, Wild Words (no relation) and the Kurilpa Poets in Brisbane, and BeatStreet, the Sofa Salon and a Month of Sundays in Berlin, where he was a member of the artists’ collective, A Headful of Bees. He featured at two Queensland Poetry Festivals and his debut chapbook, To The Edge, was published in 2012. He has completed three novels and looks forward to reading them sometime. After a year and a half in Shenyang, China, he will soon set sail again.


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