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Mongoose – ‘Beast’

‘Leave That Beast Asleep’ features Molly on acoustic guitar, Ailbhe on electric guitar, Muireann on cello and Cara on cajon. It is a crowd favourite at live gigs—its heated energy gets everyone riled up and moving to the beat. The physicality of us playing our instruments is captured in our album artwork. Cara painted designs based on each of our instruments on the body parts we use to play—Ailbhe’s hands for the bass, Muireann’s legs either side of the cello, Cara’s arms for holding drumsticks, and Molly’s throat for her voice. Our bodies, and how we create sound in our own individual and collective ways, makes our sound unique. The artwork on the album shows the individual parts, colours and designs that go into making music, while using our bodies and instruments together creates the sound that is—Mongoose.

Mongoose are Molly O’ Mahony, Ailbhe Dunne, Muireann Ní Cheannabháin, and Cara Dunne.