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Where the Veil is Thin

a web between two branches, spiral-spread.
a brick wall, by the body. silk that leaves
us. leafless. you: a stone man in a woolen
coat, leaning against an arched frame,
watching from a hill. the gulls, fine and few,
feather the horizon. their wings scratch

a name into my back. we are envious
to put on animalbody. I remember
a steeple, a love with waterlogged boots.
sit with me under a waterfall, beneath
tulle netting, hidden in a threadbare blanket
flung over a table. this. a bonetremble.
an earthbeat to my hidden spot. a hand
that turns my face, my terrorclosed eyes
to the blinding light.

Sherre Vernon (she/her/hers) is the author two award-winning chapbooks: Green Ink Wings (fiction) and The Name is Perilous (poetry). Her work has nominated for Best of the Net and anthologized in several collections, including Bending Genres and Best Small Fictions. In 2019, Sherre was a Parent-Writer Fellow at MVICW. Readers describe her writing as heartbreaking, richly layered, lyrical and intelligent. To read more of her work visit and tag her into conversation @sherrevernon.

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  1. Tresha Faye haefner

    I love the richness and density of this poem. I feel wrapped in the rhythm and magic of the world of this poem. Wonderful!


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