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Image by Sebastian Mark

Geological Necromancy

As if a family of ghosts
had slammed all the doors
in this building in unison—

I wonder if she questioned the moon.
What did you do to deserve
that first syllabic invocation?

Can one write too many poems
about the moon?
This was supposed to be about the earth:

you also felt it move, ripple its own
rocky tides, plate crashing
against plate, stone-ocean

rolling independent of our boxy
rooms, unruled by celestine
cycles, waves stubborn, hard-

quaking spirits caught
in the stubbornness of haunting.

Marjorie Jensen—bisexual bibliophile—writes, reads, and dances in Southern California. Sometimes she dances while reading and writing, like a character from Cadigan’s Synners, or like Sza in the video for “Good Days.” Marjorie edited Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology, and her work has been featured in various other publications:  

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