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Dawn: fog lifts. My machine flies on magpie wings—its contrails fade in a sharp cloudless sky. I bank toward a farm, descend in daredevil corkscrew arcs, and skate to a landing on a snow-covered dirt road. I step into the cold silence. My boots smash into crunchy snow and red reeds shiver at the metallic slam! of my door. From a snow drift, barbed wire curls skyward and my gloved hand brushes the gnarled fist of a bare wood fence post—its grain is a swirl of dark grooves and crevices and fissures and wormholes to Many Otherworlds. Leafless trees line the road and spread across the landscape: a thousand-and-one lacework branches cloaked in crystalline ice clusters—a zillion sparks of morning! I take off my helmet, but I cannot breathe the shrill winter air—I look up—tiny starships dust my face.

Misha Penton is a musician, director, filmmaker, and writer. Her projects blossom in many forms: live performances, video and audio works, site specific installations, and writings. She often sets her own poetry to music as well as collaborating with fellow composers. Her writing has been featured in musical scores published by G. Schirmer; her experimental voice settings of the poetry of Petra Kuppers have been published in textsound and [PANK]; and her poetry has appeared in The Future Fire. She recently co-wrote the libretto and directed and edited a new web opera for Houston Grand Opera. mishapenton.com


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