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Image by Martin Bendico

The Planting Season

in the rice terraces of batad
only the hands that can bear life
can humble their gifts of devotion 
to the earth—our first mother
like an unending thank you 

celebrating each finger
to bow four inches lower
than our ego, on the soil
as roots find home
out of the womb of the mountain

to be certain the futures
are founded firmly on dreams
around the paddies of today
it has to hold, it has to hold
smiling at the sun—our first father

these feminine palms, stretches
releasing the stalk to learn
how to stand on its own grace
beyond the season’s gaze
as the field of womanhood

sculpts the folding stairs of hours
forming a golden trail of labour
traditions are birthed, to rise
flourishing into a harvest
under these ladies’ unending care

to love, to persist
creating generations of centuries
of how to be grateful
to sow, to grow, to know
the caretakers of tomorrow

LKN’s been published with 12 publications in 7 countries. LKN’s published by Squircle Press and had won gold at both eLit and Independent Publishers Book Awards. He’s featured in Tupelo Press’ 30/30 project, as well as the Poetry Society of New York. 

LKN’s performed in 3,500+ events, in 27 countries. He’s featured in The History Channel’s HistoryCon, Friday Night Live Ireland, and literature & poetry festivals in Singapore, Toronto, Paris & Nottingham. LKN had also shared his poetry at Chelthenham, Ledbury and NYC Poetry Festivals. He’s a co-founder of The Poetry Global Network, and co-director of Asia-Pacific Poetry Slam.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love this piece! paying homage in cultivating life in nature



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