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Bird’s Eye

High as a kite and no plans of coming down

Down is the place where all the dirt lives

The down and muddy, the hole, the pit

I’m going to fly high right over this town

Town is a place where all the small people

get together and wage wars against any one

who seems like they have finally learned to

love themselves

They don’t know anything
about us

And oh what a war it already was, the lonely

people all huddled together with their ideas

and their sharp spears because the truth
is always too much to fight

With the light, that glittering thing
illuminating all the inside from the bottom

of the barrel sending each a mirror to see
themselves clearer because

they don’t know anything
about us

Julia is an award-winning writer, spoken word poet, and multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC. She has toured her performance poetry nationally and internationally, and in 2017 was a top 10 finalist at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. As the co-founder of the 8-year writing movement thesefiveminutes.com, Julia hosts readings, writing groups, and facilitates creative writer’s workouts across Canada. She holds a BA in Theatre Studies (Collective Creation & Playwriting) and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. She is currently the Artist in Residence at St John’s IB World Continuum School. Julia’s spoken word poem ‘I Am Your Nurse’ has garnered over one million views online, and her page poetry can be found in Polar Expressions’ Canadian anthology Overture, as well as in Voicemail Poems. IG: @juliapileggipoetry juliapileggi.com


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