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Image by Marc Kleen


I often wonder
how it would be
to live my life
with the ease
of a feather
from the sky,

through the winds,

and soaring
like a bird.

How many times
have we counted clouds
like sheep?

With a factory of burdens
strapped to our backs,

the neverending cycle of labor.

We are the rock
that Sisyphus pushes
to the top
of the mountain.

We are Sisyphus
pushing ourselves
to the peak,

the mountain of our labor
growing larger and larger
with each coming day,

as our muscles grow strained
yet stronger.

Maybe one day
we will be at ease,
carried by the winds
like a feather
released of its burden,

the necessity
of what it should be.

Daniel Schulz is U.S.-German writer, factory worker, and researcher known for his short story collection Schrei (Formidabel 2016), his work as curator of the Kathy Acker Reading Room at the University of Cologne, and the book Kathy Acker in Seattle (Misfit Lit 2020). His works have been published in Der Federkiel, Luftruinen, Die Novelle, The Transnational, Electronic Book Review, Mirage #5, Gender Forum, Fragmented Voices, Divanova, Kunst-Kultur-Literatur Magazin, Versification, Café Irreal, Salut L’Absurde, Cacti Fur and the anthologies Tin Soldier (Sarturia 2020), Corona-Schnee (Salon29 2021), Jahrbuch der Poesie 2021 (AG Literatur 2021). In 2021 his poem ‘Gorgon’ was shortlisted for the Mono Poetry Prize. His essay “Unburying the Hatchett“ will be appearing in Matias Viegener’s Get Rid of Meaning (Walter König 2021) at the end of 2021. Instagram: @DanielSchulzPoet


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