To celebrate the wonderful year of writing we have had at The Wild Word, our editors have chosen their poetry picks for 2023.

Poetry has long held a special place in the heart of the magazine and in these uncertain and turbulent times, with our greater need for humanity in an increasing digital age, we feel that poetry is now more important than ever. We are ever grateful to the poets that submit and entrust us with their work.

* * * *

‘Accidental Release’ by Richard L. Matta

‘Bloom’ by Mary Marie Dixon

‘Spoon-fed’ by Karin Molde

‘The Joy of Parks’ by Juan Pablo Mobili

‘The Planting Season’ by LKN

‘Tears of Surrender’ by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

‘Kindred’ by Alison Stone

‘After this evening, I’ by Yichielle Gigi Devendra

‘The Perpetrator/El autor del delito’ by Ximena Gomez

‘5am’ by Phil Wood

‘Fire Weather’ by Jenne Micale

’48 days’ by Carol Edwards

‘In Waiting’ by Andrew Senior

‘Mendocino’ by Matt Duffy

‘Watching a Hurricane Pass to the West’ by George Franklin

‘Sorrow’ by Daniel Schulz

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    following the john kucera story?


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