To celebrate the wonderful year of writing we have had at The Wild Word, our editor Kusi Okamura has chosen her pick of columns for 2023.

We are blessed to have some of the best writers online on The Wild Word team. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, passionate and piercing, sometimes funny but always well-written – these columns below represent the best of the magazine’s columns this year.

‘When Shadows Disappear’ by Aishwarya Vardhana

‘Confinement’ by Marina Bueno

‘World on Fire’ by Mike Hembury

‘The Socialist Nightmare of Capitalism’ by Cory Massaro

‘Cropped Tops and Feminism’ by Irena Ioannou

‘Ghosts – Real and Imagined’ by Tim Clark

‘My Father’ by CL Bledsoe

Special mention to Ryan M. Moser who had his last FROM THE INSIDE column earlier this year, just before his release. For over three years he shared his journey to make sense of his experience behind bars. He was a winner of the 2022 PEN Prison Writing Contest and now outside, works as a freelance journalist.


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